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Plush Commissions
So, I've recently gained enough confidence in my plush sewing abilities to open up some limited commission slots! I'm no master seamstress, not by any meaning of the word, but my plush are quite nice, wonderfully cuddle-able, and downright adorable, if I do say so myself! Every plush I've made thus far has been made of fleece, as my local fabric shop has no minky, but I could easily substitute other fabrics such as flannel if you wanted. Minky is still out of the question, however. I live in a rather small town and I really try my best to support my local craft stores, as three have gone out of business in the last year. This particular store is AMAZING, and even plans to stock minky eventually, once business picks up. I'd love to keep it around, and hey, if you buy one of my plush, you'll be supporting it, too!

All rules from my sales post still apply, including me only taking Paypal!

*Small Fleece Pokemon/Animal (Anything smaller than 1 foot/0.3 meters) :
Most Basic (Ditto, Voltorb, Koromori): $20 (Accessories/flairs may add more)
Basic/Less Complicated (Meowth, Eevee, Chillarmy): $30 (Accessories/flairs may add more)
Complicated/Ornate (Dialga, Mewtwo, Wareagle/Wooguru): $40-$50 (Accessories/flairs may add more)

*Large Fleece Pokemon/Animal/Human (Anything larger than 1 foot/0.3 meters) :
Most Basic (Ditto, Voltorb, Tracey/Kenji): $50 (Accessories/flairs may add more)
Basic/Less Complicated (Meowth, Eevee, Maylene/Sumomu): $60 (Accessories/flairs may add more)
Complicated/Ornate (Dialga, Mewtwo, Clair/Ibuki): $70-$80 (Accessories/flairs may add more)

If what you are interested in isn't described on the list, let me know! We can totally talk about it! I'm quite flexible!

Short and sweet, I take half the cost of the plush as a non-refundable 'starting' fee. This will enable me to buy the fabric/supplies needed to make your plush. It also ensures I don't start and finish the plush, and end up COMPLETELY empty-handed if you back out. (It's happened in this community, so you have to cover your ass. XD) WIP (work-in-progress) shots are available at your request. I don't always take them due to the fact that...well, I only have a DSi camera, so they don't always look so nice. :'3 But if you want some, just ask!

After the plush is completed and you've okay'd it (I will fix parts you don't like and such) I'll take the second half of the plush payment and shipping together, and ship it to you as soon as possible! Keep in mind, if you want insurance/delivery confirmation for your package, you have to let me know; I don't do it unless I'm requested to.

(Sorry, I haven't made an awful lot for examples!)
Something like the first picture would be about $60, second picture would be like $20, and third for around $25.
Something like the first one would be around $20, second would be around $25-30.
More/bigger pictures of the other plush available at this location.
More/bigger pictures of the Dunsparce, arguably my best work yet XD, at this location

Slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are worked on as such. (Unless I hit a massive art block because one is too complicated, in which case I'd finish easier ones first so I don't lose all will to sew. XD Ditto would probably be finished before Rayquaza.)
Slot 1: lesablefox-Large Sleeping Zoroark and small sleeping Zorua-50% Patterns done, Zoroark needs her (his) ponytail...thing, and she's done! Zorua is still a bit away from a good WIP shot!
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
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So yeah. I'm posting the invoice for the DX UFO GA here. I bought a few other things through the middleman, but I doubt you wanna see that part. XD

#1. Seller ID : swimlove33
Item Name : ポケモン コロっとまんまるぬいぐるみ10個セット
Auction ID / Item URL : [removed by me; auction's over]
+680yen (S)
+1200yen (C)

The EMS shipping for the whole box was 4000 yen, but some of the box is not the GA, so I only figured 2000 yen of that into the shipping for the GA. I split it in half, although it probably should have been more, as the other stuff I bought was rather light...but yeah, I figured 2000 yen seemed about right. [If you must know, it was some Friends plush from a separate auction and a PS2 game. XD Their shipping would have been really small just on their own.] Nobody is paying for any of that stuff obviously; I separated the costs.

1/1 Celebi up for offers, and I want to buy your Origitinas

Your Origitinas. Show them to me. :3

No, seriously, I don't know WHEN or WHY it happened, but I have fallen in love with Giratina Origin Forme. Like honestly, I HATED Giratina pre-Platinum, and even after Platinum I only really wanted flats...Don't really know what happened. D:

So, I am looking for PLUSH, specifically, though if there are figures I'd be interested. [I have like almost all the cards so I don't need those; I originally collected his flats.] I am also wondering, I checked PPP, but it is kind of vague on sizes [large doesn't say much XD] What is the BIGGEST and second biggest Origitina plush out there? 'Cause I waaaaant it.

And as before, still wanting to buy Slowpokes and Slowbros. Again, plush or figures, no flats for those guys.
And to make this post a little less lame...
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Feedback Thread!

So yeah, my permanent feedback thread! Where you...leave feedback. I can't think of much else to say!

Form thing:

What you/I bought:
Other Notes:

Permanent Sales Post!

Permission granted from lineaalba a month or so before I originally posted this. XD


*This post is for the members of the pkmncollectors group ONLY.
*I ship from the United States, and I will ship internationally, though keep in mind it's much more pricey, so don't get your knickers in a twist if the shipping is high!
*I take Paypal ONLY. No concealed cash, no checks, none of that.
*I do not accept PM offers.
*Haggling is okay, but be reasonable. ;)
*I DO PAYMENT PLANS! ESPECIALLY for expensive items!
*I am interested in trades and partial trades for items on my want list, which...kinda doesn't exist, but I'm looking for items of Tentacool, Slowpoke line, and Zubat line. And always 1/1 plush!
*I am interested in card trades, but do not be surprised if I reject an offer. I don't actively collect, but there are a few cards I am looking for. [Again, Tentacool, Slowpoke line, and Zubat line. XD]
*I do art trades
*I can only hold an item for a short amount of time unless there is a very, very good reason. One day is usually tops; others may want the item!
*The condition of the items vary, so just ask if you're curious. Extra/more detailed pictures can be taken when asked If it's in bad shape, it will be noted by the item!
*I ship out items as quick as possible, and will PM you when it's been shipped!
*My house is smoke-free, but not cat-free! My kitty has no interest in Pokemon, but hubby's cat loves to check out my merch and help me pack! Every plush will be lint-rolled and sprayed with Febreze before shipping. XD But if you are allergic, you may want to think twice!

My feedback thread is HERE!

My plush commissions thread is over here!

On to the sales!

I have no idea whatsoever what this Piplup is. I figure it's a Banpresto UFO catcher.
Random Piplup- $4
Friends Plush
Jigglypuff and Pikachu-$3

I have several of those old Hasbro Pikachu beanies as well, at least two of which I'm willing to part with. They have no tags whatsoever. Pictures by request; great for younger kids! <3 $2 each!

Also, I'm taking offers on my 1/1 Celebi. I'm kind of hesitant to part with her, so I'm only looking for reasonable offers. Any reasonable offer will be considered...She's got her tush tag but no hang tag, and is in fantastic condition. I also accept payment plans!
Offers start at $85

Misc. Pokemon Items!

TCG Coins $0.50 Each [Elemental Coin taken]

100-piece 3-D lenticular puzzle. There are some light scratches on the wrapping/box, but otherwise mint and unopened. $4

[If you can't see what a specific card is, feel free to ask about it!]

Bulk Cards! [This isn't even all I have!]
The cards are from all different sets, from basic to HGSS, with more, I guess, from the more recent half. And when I say random, I mean RANDOM. I will pick BLINDFOLDED. [Okay, bandanna over eyes; I don't have a blindfold. XD] If you would like, I can pick a maximum of five cards at not random, or ten cards at not random for the 50 card version, just ask! I have loads of cards, there is a great chance I may have it!

25 cards for $5.00, guaranteed to have two random holographic card and five random uncommon cards; the rest will be totally random.
50 cards for $8.00, completely random with a guarantee of two random holographic cards. [16 cents a card, how can you miss!?]

Holo and Reverse Holo: Make offers!



Sold: Both Blaziken, Poketurn

Level X, EX, and a few more Holo/Reverse Holos: Make offers!

Sold: Drapion lvl X

Writer's Block: Yes, offense taken

If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

Always confront them. Heck, I work as a cashier, and if a CUSTOMER makes one bad enough I'm going to even say something then. Just less harshly.

I hear it a lot, and I bitch about it a lot as well.